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Management team

        The management team of the FTZ Fund is comprised of industrial and financial experts,fully reflects the comprehensive advantages of combining finance and industry. With a cross-disciplinary background and long-term experience in fund management, they are good at integrating upstream and downstream resources to spot profitable investment projects, manage risks and carry out post-investment management. The team is lean and efficient, and its members are professional, experienced and energetic.

       The team is highly professional, in the full vigor of life capable and efficient. 90% of the team has master's degree or above with average age of 33-year old, and all have Certificate of Fund Qualification.

       Meanwhile, FTZ fund is a member of Lujiazui City Council, and vice president unit or members of PE Association of Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong Private Fund Association, Shanghai Pudong Bio Industry Association, Shanghai Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, Shanghai Pudong Modern Logistics Association, Shanghai Robot Industry Association and other industry organizations.