Investment priorities
Investment strategy
Investment portfolio

Investment priorities


1、Geographic areas

 Depth focus on China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
      as the key investment area

 Covering Surrounding Areas of FTZ
      with industries complementarity and regional linkage

 Alliance of industry capital to carry out cross-border
mergers and acquisitions investment


2、Investment Fields

 Equity investment:
     Health Care, Logistics & Supply Chain, Consumption Upgrade, TMT and other leading industries in FTZ


Bonded areas: logistics & supply chain, cross-border E-commerce and other modern business services and functional platform;

Lujiazui (Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, New Bund): Fintech, innovative licensed financial enterprises;

Jinqiao: TMT, energy-saving, environmental protection and other emerging manufacturing industry with strategic importance;

Zhangjiang: biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment, integrated circuits and other high-end industries


 Property investment:

    High-quality Commercial and/or Industrial Real Estate in Shanghai FTZ